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Requires Improvement?

Three Reasons:

a) Having ‘Luke Brown – Requires Improvement’ as the name of my blog amused me.

b) My first day back after the summer holiday is an INSET day; my school have booked Matthew Syed’s consultant team to come in to deliver a couple of sessions. In order to get a head start (and in order to possibly look really clever at some point during the day) I decided to read Syed’s two books – Bounce: The Myth of Talent and the Power of Practice and Black Box Thinking: Marginal Gains and the Secret of High Performance – over the holidays.

Time to be honest: I’ve had a whole seven weeks off and I haven’t read either book. Please don’t judge me, I consider myself to be a fairly diligent professional but sometimes I just need a rest.

Anyway, I did manage to read the first couple of chapters of Black Box Thinking.  So far there have been three aircraft crashes and one case of surgical negligence, all in order to illustrate very interesting point that held a lot of resonance for me: an individual (or a system) must continually and forensically analyse failures in order to progress towards excellence.

I’m sure that there’s more to it than this, and I’m sure I’ll finish the book and find out at some point, but it has motivated me to start this blog: I’m going to post about the biggest, baddest and possibly most embarrassing mistake I’ve made in my teaching each week, and reflect on what lessons I can take from it.

c) As a reminder to myself that as a teacher I will always require improvement.  It’s a long journey, and although I feel I’m a better teacher than I was last year, I’d like to hope that I’m also a worse teacher than I will be a year from now.

Black Box Thinking and Bounce are available from Amazon.  You may well read them before I do.